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Pros and Cons of Comcast Cable and AT&T U-Verse?

I’m thinking of switching cable TV service and looking for information, experiences with new player on the block – AT&T U-Verse

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  1. R T says

    First let me tell you where I am coming from, I have satellite. I am also a Broadcast Engineer. So, I don’t really have a dog in this fight.

    ATT U-Verse is a new technology. It’s IP TV meaning it’s similar to streaming video that you would get over your computer. It’s a good idea, but it seems to still be problematic and have quite a few bugs that haven’t been worked out yet. It’s basically high speed DSL. Being DSL, they have a limitation on how many feet of wire there can be between a subscriber and their closest “node”. So, not all addresses can get service. Also, there is a limitation as to how much data can be sent down the line. One receiver is OK, if you want to watch two HD signals on two different sets, then you may have problems.

    As much as I dislike cable companies and their elitist attitudes, at least cable is a mature technology. Unfortunately, you have to deal with the cable companies.

    I hope this helps. Please return and select a Best Answer from all of those submitted.

  2. Jeff C says

    I have U-verse, I had cable… I do not notice any of the issues the above gentleman talked about. I have no issues watching 2HD channels at once. You are limited to 2HD channels (4 channels total, see below)

    I can tell you some of the feature differences…

    U-verse advantages…
    Free DVR
    Flickr Pictures on your TV
    Free Wi-Fi with the U-verse gateway (Assuming you order internet)
    DVR can record up to 4 shows at one (2 of them in HD) – This is the big U-verse advantage to me, no more conflicts.
    Total Home DVR – Watch recorded shows from any set top box in your house. (Looks like it is available now in California, AT&T says it is in the process of rolling out to the other states.)

    U-verse drawbacks…
    4 streams max (2 of those HD) for your entire house. So you can only watch or record 4 separate channels at once (and only 2 of those can be in HD). Note this limit does not apply to watching recorded TV. This is mostly an issue for big familys that are likely to have 5 or more TVs going at once with different shows.

    Longer install. While my install took only 2 hours or so, folks in older homes are blogging about 6 – 8 hour installations. If you order U-verse plan to be home all day on installation day. (Especially if your home is older.)

    All in all, I think U-verse is great, unless you have a big family (or a lot of roommates) I recommend it.

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